Market-Driven Healthcare- What You Need to Know Before Searching For a Position Breaking Down The Medical Industry As you inch towards your debut as a physician, it’s wise to assess the ever-changing landscape of the medical field before you establish your place within it. There’s a multitude of factors to consider when evaluating the medical […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Knowing the Players and Rules to the Game of Healthcare and Understanding Market-Driven Healthcare can be a Game-Changer in your job-search process. When you first thought of becoming a physician, you were, of course, focused on the obvious:  doing well in school, scoring well on standardized tests, having a portfolio and […]

Evaluating How Medical Market Conditions Impact Physicians,Patients, and Administration Understanding how medical market conditions may trickle into challenges for physicians, patients, and administration will provide you an understanding of how (and why) each group may be impacted. Seek to understand before being understood mentality will help you collaborate with the other two parties to create […]

Steve is a 52-year old father of four. Soon after losing his job as a carpenter, he begins to have sharp stomach pains. His primary doctor examines him for a few minutes and then sends him to specialists: a GI doctor, who performs an endoscopy, and a cardiologist, who performs a cardiac catheterization. Both tests […]

Many rural hospitals are receiving notices or are anticipating retirement plans from their general surgeon(s). This has been expected, yet has been overshadowed by the struggle to recruit and keep primary care providers. All areas of the United States will suffer a shortage of general surgeons now and in the future, yet rural areas will […]

One of the new initiatives in healthcare reform is called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which requires that all participating hospitals and clinics be reimbursed by Medicare based on the quality of care they provide. This initiative, called Value Based Purchasing (VBP) gathers information based on a scoring criteria obtained through patient surveys called Hospital […]

“How do I compare to other residents and new physicians?” is probably the question we’re asked most often at Adventures in Medicine. Many residents feel “in the dark” when it comes to knowing how they stack up against their peers. This is especially true when it comes to physician employment, physician compensation and work-life balance […]

You’ve probably heard your fair share (or more) about the healthcare reform impact on physicians. It goes without saying that healthcare reform has created a ton of buzz, and if you’re studying to be a physician, much of that buzz can be negative. There are few things more disheartening than working hard to achieve a […]

Whether you’re a medical student, resident or practicing physician, you’ve no doubt been caught up in the buzz of healthcare reform. Like others in the field, you’re probably concerned or anxious — no matter where you stand on the issue. For better or worse, big changes are coming. As a physician, it’s important to be […]