Negotiating Your Contract When the negotiation is complete, it’s very difficult to go back and try to renegotiate terms that have already been agreed upon.  We recommend that you communicate effectively during this process.  In the event the terms are not agreeable, you need to decide if you are willing to walk away from the […]

How do you Prepare for your Onsite Interview? You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression, you cannot make a good decision without all the facts, and you cannot accept an offer unless one is offered to you. Whether you receive an offer or not may depend on how prepared you are […]

Compensation is a major factor in determining whether or not to accept a particular job offer.  When evaluating various job opportunities, different compensation models and rates of compensation may be presented. Understanding the basis of how organizations determine compensation allows for better evaluation of offers when searching for a new career. Why is it important […]

There are many great reasons to choose a non-clinical career.  They often provide an opportunity to apply some of the skills that may not be as well utilized in a clinical setting or to expand your horizons and gain new skills and experiences.  You can serve in a visible leadership role – whether in policy, […]

You introduce yourself to future employers through your curriculum vitae (CV).  An employer will not interview you without one.  We at Adventures in Medicine have donated our resources to help answer common questions about how to construct and organize a curriculum vitae. What is a curriculum vitae (CV)? How is a CV different from a […]

When following an adventure trail, a straight line is always the easiest route from Point A to Point B, but when planning your job search, you must blaze a new trail.  Without a well developed plan, you may end up traveling in circles, running into dead ends, or finishing last in line. Your journey is […]

FINANCE BASICS: Trekking unprepared through a parched, dusty DESERT is a dangerous proposition.  But with good planning, even the most driest patches on the planet can be tamed and so can your finances. Every physician faces financial challenges, whether struggling with a job change, a looming tax bill, school loans, a loss, or major family […]

Evaluating How Medical Market Conditions Impact Physicians,Patients, and Administration Understanding how medical market conditions may trickle into challenges for physicians, patients, and administration will provide you an understanding of how (and why) each group may be impacted. Seek to understand before being understood mentality will help you collaborate with the other two parties to create […]