Three Possible Scenarios as you Transition into Practice Post-Training

Scenario #1
I completed my residency on Friday and moved a great distance to start my fellowship job on Monday. I had two days to transition into my new role as a fellow.

Scenario #2
Upon finishing residency, I took three months off before I began my attending job. I was able to travel, move to my new home, and help my family transition into our new town. We were fortunate to have planned financially for this time off.

Scenario #3
Upon finishing up residency, I started my attending job a week later, but I was able to negotiate working part time for the first 12 weeks so that I could spend time with my family and study for my upcoming board exam.

Now it is time to Reflect which scenario you feel will be most similar, to your transition experience. Also, Discuss what are some things you can do now to mitigate your stress as you make this transition.

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Cory S. Fawcett, MD, FACS, CHPC
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