Wellness: Why It’s Important   Oftentimes, when thinking of “wellness”, people first think about the physical health of the human body. And, while wellness does include a healthy body, it also encompasses mental health. Just like it is important to take care of your body it is just as vital to take your mental wellness into […]

Market-Driven Healthcare- What You Need to Know Before Searching For a Position Breaking Down The Medical Industry As you inch towards your debut as a physician, it’s wise to assess the ever-changing landscape of the medical field before you establish your place within it. There’s a multitude of factors to consider when evaluating the medical […]

The Importance of Being Educated:  Why Physician Financial Literacy is Crucial to Professional and Personal Wellness as a Physician Physicians are, without a doubt, some of the most educated professionals around.  You spend endless hours studying, taking tests, and jumping through academic hoops in the name of science, good grades, and patient care.  But is […]

I’ve always marveled at the focus, concentration and unflappability of experienced surgeons. The amount of calm they exude even outside surgery is remarkable. Having watched them from the sidelines for close to 5 years, their sense of composure is something that I aspire to. I have been shadowing surgeons for some time now. Five years […]

“Medical school is a great anti-mentorship program. You meet a lot of doctors you’d never want to become.” That’s what med students keep telling me. Mentorless medical students? I had no idea. Until students started shadowing me. Many also volunteer at hospice and free clinics. I asked one gal, “You must meet a lot of […]

My son and I pick blueberries each summer.  Sounds like a nice relaxing family activity, right? It was in years past.  Now, however, my son is a highly competitive adolescent who wants to win. Even though I am no slouch, my son can pick two to three pounds of berries in the same amount of […]

Are you feeling frustrated or annoyed more frequently? Feeling frustration or annoyance frequently can be a major energy drainer in your life. It sucks everything out of you and many times it is hard to recover from this setback. Here is a neuroscientific trick that can dissipate these draining feelings in less than five minutes. […]

I just got to hang out with a graduate of my physician retreat, Ann Cordum, M.D., who now has a successful ideal medical clinic is Boise, Idaho. Here’s what Ann has to say about her new life: PW: So this is your office! AC: This is my office in Boise, Idaho! Ya! PW: So tell […]

While we have never met, I know something about you with absolute certainty.  You are remarkable. You have a unique way of improving patients’ condition based on your unique gifts and passions and life experiences. Why is being remarkable important? The quickest way to grow your practice is to get people talking about you.  People […]

The usefulness of online social networking is undeniable and it’s no surprise that we as individuals are embracing it. Social networks are communications media and a part of everyday life. They can be valuable tools in gathering and disseminating news and  information. They also create some potential hazards we need to recognize. These tools have […]