Dr. Lisa has dreamed of becoming an OBGYN since she was four when her mother was pregnant with her baby brother.  She planned her course diligently and did what most medical career aspirants do; she sacrificed, worked hard, invested, borrowed and planned for what she expected – a lifetime of fulfillment.  What Lisa failed to […]

How To Get Your Ex Back In 30 Days Book Being an excellent clinician is no guarantee against malpractice claims. An article in the American Medical News last month reported that even though most physicians will be sued at least once during their career, the majority of cases are without merit. According to a study […]

How To Find The Best Policy Over the last couple of decades, the disability insurance for physicians industry has become so highly specialized that it has consolidated itself among  a relatively few number of companies that offer a competitive product.  This makes choosing a top company to work with much less complicated.  However,  you still […]