Your Success Network-Building key relationships that support your goals Your Current Success Network Start with Reflection: Close your eyes. Think about the people who have taken an active interest and action to advance your career through your residency by assisting you with personal and professional development over the past year.  Think broadly as these individuals […]

Work SMARTER, Not Harder:  Tips ad Tools for Getting your Priorities Straight The first step on any journey is having a direction to follow.  When you decided to become a physician, you no doubt sought out advice from trusted mentors:  advisors, other physicians, professors, even peers who had traveled that road before you.  But becoming […]

Getting to Know You and Your Relationships:  Cultivating Your Personal Partnerships as a Physician The center of a physician’s job is the doctor-patient relationship.  Without a healthy one, the physician is unable to help the patient make meaningful changes in their life to maintain a state of wellness.  Too often, in the process of medical […]

Burnout is a term that is used frequently in medical education today, with some studies noting that up to 70% of residents in training meet criteria for the disorder per the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). While that statistic is startling…..what does this actually mean? The answer, as you’ll see below, is not straightforward. Read on […]

Are younger doctors (particularly age 40 and under) different in what they expect in terms of work-life balance? Younger doctors definitely have different expectations in terms of work life balance but I believe this is not a “doctor mindset” but rather a “generation mindset”. For the longest time the older generation and the American philosophy […]

Physician burnout is the latest trend among doctors. There are books, workshops, even special breathing exercises for physician burnout. Suddenly every other doctor I meet has burnout. And half of all med students have burnout before they graduate. WTF. We enter medicine as inspired, intelligent, compassionate humanitarians. Soon we’re cynical and exhausted. How did all […]

When I started the balanced physician program in 2004, I did it with the goal in mind to help physicians have more work life balance. At that time I offered the program to the market place but it wasn’t ready for it except the physicians who felt burned out and had the strong motivation to restore their […]

Yesterday was one of those days when I had a lot of plans for the evening. While planning my day in the morning, I decided that after work I would wash clothes, vacuum the house, and get our guest bedroom ready before our friends arrive tomorrow. I estimated that the work would take me about […]

If you had to write a prescription for balance for your patients, what would you include? Greater effectiveness at work? More time to play? Better relationships with others, as well as his/her self? Or all of the above? Like other prescriptions, a prescription for balance is not “one size fits all” but a customized approach […]

Because of high achievement standards and perfectionist tendencies, most med students, residents and physicians struggle with maintaining physician work-life balance. It’s stereotypical, yes, but more often than not, those in the medical field are detail-obsessed, hardworking (often to a fault) and insistent on having it all: a great job, a happy family and a balanced, […]