Your Success Network-Building key relationships that support your goals

Your Current Success Network

  • Start with Reflection:

Close your eyes. Think about the people who have taken an active interest and action to advance your career through your residency by assisting you with personal and professional development over the past year.  Think broadly as these individuals may be from inside or outside your residency program; some may be family (immediate or distant), friends, colleagues, or mentors.  Others ma be role models, former coworkers, service providers, online advisors, neighbors, counselors, and instructors – to name a few.  The important point here is to open your mind to who has helped you move forward on this journey.

  • Chart Your Advisors

Consider the advisors to whom you attribute your success during your residency and remember, no two success networks will be exactly the same; we are all unique – some more extroverted than others, some more independent and some lucky to have been in a program where support was plentiful.

There is no set number of advisors, nor do they need to come from any particular social realm. After all, and this is important, THERE IS NO ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ WHEN IT COMES TO SUCCESS NETWORKS. You may have a few advisors who have provided you a wide variety of deep support, a broad set of advisors who have provided targeted support, or anywhere in between. Don’t get hung up on trying to document an idealized success network; you need to shape the right enhanced success network for you.

These team members may come from any part of your life; they may provide daily support or their support may be more intermittent. Regardless of the type, frequency, or depth of assistance provided, these individuals broadly constitute the advisors in your current success network.


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About Author:

Wendy Murphy, Associate Dean and Professor of Management, Babson College.

Rick Cotton, Associate Professor of OB, HRM and Service Management, University of Victoria; Speaker and Consultant