It’s the happiest day of your life! Your wedding day… Best. Day. Ever. Smiles, hugs, the white gown, the champagne, the first dance, the cake, and the limo.  Laughter peels through the air. Fleeting memories of vows and eager faces, music hanging in the air. Although, you could do without the bit of the mother-in-law […]

As a soon-to-be-graduating resident, I’m currently knee-deep in the unknowns and uncertainties of beginning my career in rehabilitation medicine. But, as a Health Professions Scholarship recipient courtesy of the US NAVY, I certainly have one less thing to worry about — repaying medical school loan debt. After chatting with my fellow non-military residents about post-graduation […]

which is the best antivirus software Here’s a figure that you’ve probably seen a zillion times: 79% of graduating medical students carry at least $100,000 in student loan debt, and 59% of those graduates carry over $150,000 in student loan debt. Those numbers are hard to swallow, but they’re also easy to ignore. Here’s a […]