The First Paycheck At the end of June after you graduate from residency, if you start working right away, you may experience “sticker shock” when your first paycheck lands into your bank account.  Whether you ever become wealthy or not depends on what you decide to do with that first paycheck.  Show me what happened […]

Your Success Network-Building key relationships that support your goals Your Current Success Network Start with Reflection: Close your eyes. Think about the people who have taken an active interest and action to advance your career through your residency by assisting you with personal and professional development over the past year.  Think broadly as these individuals […]

The Medical Relationship  The transition from resident to doctor is overwhelming and can impact your personal life deeply, particularly within the context of your relationship. It is important to sit down and discuss with your partner or spouse and discuss your excitement and fear during this odd phase of life. Although the transition can make […]