Have you ever taken a vacation and felt that wonderful “getting away” feeling that comes with the peace and quiet of beautiful landscapes, waterways and down home friendly people? If you enjoy a slower paced lifestyle with less stress and want to go where people know you and appreciate what you do, you might be a perfect fit for a […]

According to the American Medical Association, only 10% of physicians practice in rural areas. Of those 10%, about 27% are older than 55 and on their way to retirement. The entire nation is experiencing the impact of physician shortages, but rural areas are feeling the pinch even more. If you’re still considering your physician career […]

For many years, private practice was a viable and attractive option for physicians who value autonomy and independence. In addition to having a great deal of control, there is no cap on physician compensation for owners of private practices. Despite the drawbacks of high risk and little support, private practice was still a choice that […]

One of the most important things to consider as you launch your doctor career is what sorts of practice types and physician business arrangements suit you. As a physician, there are several different paths you can take, but most physicians end up practicing in one of five typical business arrangements: Solo Practice Partnership or Shareholder […]