Have you ever taken a vacation and felt that wonderful “getting away” feeling that comes with the peace and quiet of beautiful landscapes, waterways and down home friendly people?

If you enjoy a slower paced lifestyle with less stress and want to go where people know you and appreciate what you do, you might be a perfect fit for a more rural practice.  Rural communities are not always hundreds of miles from
a metro area. Some of these communities are within easy distance to larger cities but offer a quality of life you just can’t find anywhere else. Here are some reasons you might want to consider practicing in rural community:

• A short drive to work each day making calls easier and quality of life better (you can be home for dinner)
• Knowing your patients and their families better, following them through life
• Families are more ingrained in the community and build relationships more quickly than in a large city
• Additional financial incentives are often available such as retention bonuses or loan repayment
• Enjoy quaint shopping districts with smaller stores that are unique to the area
• Generally lower cost of living with more affordable housing
• Safer communities with family-focused activities
• Schools can often offer a variety of programs with smaller class sizes
• Enjoy having more input into the practice. For example, when smaller hospitals own and operate practices, administrators are more easily accessed and physician engagement is encouraged

A few reasons physicians say they chose to practice in a rural area:
In smaller communities, “A new physician can revitalize everyone by offering a new perspective. They can bring new ideas, new procedures and practices. It broadens the potential base of patients because everyone looks for something different when choosing a physician. What I find most rewarding about practicing rural medicine is that I get to make a good living taking care of my friends, and that’s about as good as it gets!”

Sidney Stranathan, DO
Anthony, Kansas
Population: 2,254

“I chose to practice rural medicine in Kansas for a variety of reasons. Without specialists or a large hospital nearby, I am encouraged to maintain and enhance my skills to provide more comprehensive care to a diverse population. Fresh air, short commutes, and small classroom sizes are immeasurable benefits. Knowing where, and how, my patients live, allows for a more personalized and caring delivery of health care. I enjoy coaching my kids and their friends (who often happen to also be patients) at tee-ball, playing in the river with my sons, and trail bike riding with my husband. Slower, more peaceful living, allows a more satisfying rounded lifestyle, and I have found home.”

Erin Baxa, MD
Osborne, KS
Population: 1,431

“Rural America is where the heart of our great nation is. It is where my roots are, where I learned to work and to value life. Caring for its people is deeply satisfying and rewarding, as they are so appreciative. I’m literally a part of every family
I care for as I share their greatest joys and deepest hurts. In this I am thankful.”

Barbara Brown-Applegate, DO
Osborne, KS
Population: 1,431