Three Possible Scenarios as you Transition into Practice Post-Training Scenario #1 I completed my residency on Friday and moved a great distance to start my fellowship job on Monday. I had two days to transition into my new role as a fellow. Scenario #2 Upon finishing residency, I took three months off before I began […]

antivirus internet security software Before you decide to accept a physician job offer, you might be filled with excitement, dread or worry. After all, it’s an enormous commitment. How can you be sure you’re making the right decision? Maybe you’ll get lucky… you’ll apply to your dream organization in your dream location and receive a […]

Set Yourself Up for Success:  Embracing the Art of Networking Physicians are, by nature, excellent task masters. When given a defined set of goals to complete, whether it be a list of patients to round on, a target GPA for admission to medical school, or procedures to complete by graduation, we face it head on […]

                                                                                      Series 1 of 6 Congratulations. You are almost done with Residency and now the […]

No matter how much of a procrastinator you are, I highly recommend getting a head start on your physician job search. I’ve seen too many residents try to cram their job search into a 1-3 month time span, and the results are hardly ever ideal. Just How Long Does the Physician Job Search Process Take?  […]

When it comes to your physician job search, there are all kinds of reasons to procrastinate. “Residency is too overwhelming!” “I don’t have enough time!” and “I’d rather wait until later, when I have a better idea of my priorities” are all semi-legitimate excuses. But the fact is, waiting too long to start your search […]

Dear Dr. Goodhook, For the last decade of my life, I’ve studied and trained to become a physician. As excited as I am to finally move on to the next chapter of my life, I am procrastinating about starting my Physician job search. Why can’t I seem to focus? When do you recommend starting the […]