Set Yourself Up for Success:  Embracing the Art of Networking Physicians are, by nature, excellent task masters. When given a defined set of goals to complete, whether it be a list of patients to round on, a target GPA for admission to medical school, or procedures to complete by graduation, we face it head on […]

Work SMARTER, Not Harder:  Tips ad Tools for Getting your Priorities Straight The first step on any journey is having a direction to follow.  When you decided to become a physician, you no doubt sought out advice from trusted mentors:  advisors, other physicians, professors, even peers who had traveled that road before you.  But becoming […]

The Importance of Being Educated:  Why Physician Financial Literacy is Crucial to Professional and Personal Wellness as a Physician Physicians are, without a doubt, some of the most educated professionals around.  You spend endless hours studying, taking tests, and jumping through academic hoops in the name of science, good grades, and patient care.  But is […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Knowing the Players and Rules to the Game of Healthcare and Understanding Market-Driven Healthcare can be a Game-Changer in your job-search process. When you first thought of becoming a physician, you were, of course, focused on the obvious:  doing well in school, scoring well on standardized tests, having a portfolio and […]

Getting to Know You and Your Relationships:  Cultivating Your Personal Partnerships as a Physician The center of a physician’s job is the doctor-patient relationship.  Without a healthy one, the physician is unable to help the patient make meaningful changes in their life to maintain a state of wellness.  Too often, in the process of medical […]

We’ve heard a lot about the syndrome of Burnout that plagues the medical community.  Like many diseases of opportunity, however, there are vaccines and preventative steps those at risk can take to delay or even prevent the onset of something as insidious and potentially deadly as Burnout.  As physicians, we spend countless hours learning the […]

Burnout is a term that is used frequently in medical education today, with some studies noting that up to 70% of residents in training meet criteria for the disorder per the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). While that statistic is startling…..what does this actually mean? The answer, as you’ll see below, is not straightforward. Read on […]