Are you feeling frustrated or annoyed more frequently? Feeling frustration or annoyance frequently can be a major energy drainer in your life. It sucks everything out of you and many times it is hard to recover from this setback. Here is a neuroscientific trick that can dissipate these draining feelings in less than five minutes. […]

Physician Happiness Study and what you can do with it Last week the 2015 Great American Physician Survey, sponsored by Kareo, revealed a new statistic on physician happiness. In this study they interviewed 1001 physicians where the majority was male (58.7%) and employed by a hospital or other institution (39.2%) and 29.6% were partners /co-owners […]

When I started the balanced physician program in 2004, I did it with the goal in mind to help physicians have more work life balance. At that time I offered the program to the market place but it wasn’t ready for it except the physicians who felt burned out and had the strong motivation to restore their […]

Yesterday was one of those days when I had a lot of plans for the evening. While planning my day in the morning, I decided that after work I would wash clothes, vacuum the house, and get our guest bedroom ready before our friends arrive tomorrow. I estimated that the work would take me about […]

How To Get Your Ex Back In 30 Days Book Being an excellent clinician is no guarantee against malpractice claims. An article in the American Medical News last month reported that even though most physicians will be sued at least once during their career, the majority of cases are without merit. According to a study […]

If you had to write a prescription for balance for your patients, what would you include? Greater effectiveness at work? More time to play? Better relationships with others, as well as his/her self? Or all of the above? Like other prescriptions, a prescription for balance is not “one size fits all” but a customized approach […]

Self Care at Practice – Part 2 It is a myth to believe that working long hours at a hectic pace makes you productive and a more caring physician. By now most of us recognize that overwork and stress cause everything from decreased performance and irritability all the way to increased medical errors. Taking better […]

Self Care at Practice Self Care at Practice.  Recently I had a conversation with a primary care physician who started her private practice a couple of years ago. She was telling me about the long nights in the office, the worries about financial responsibilities, and the challenges she experienced with a couple of staff members. […]