Burnout is a complete mental and physical collapse from overwork. Psychiatrists define it as “a job-related dysphoria in an individual without major psychopathy.” Which means—your job sucks. You’re normal.

When your job is sucking the life out of you, deep breathing won’t save you. Mindfulness is not the solution. Emancipation is. Burnout is a diagnosis of oppression that blames you, not the perpetrator. You’re just not fast enough, smart enough, dedicated enough.

Guess what? It’s not your fault.

Remove the smokescreen. You’re a healer not a factory worker. I walked away from churn-and-burn medicine to be a real doctor. Follow me. And be free.

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Pamela Wible, M.D., has helped hundreds of physicians reclaim their happiness and their careers. She has been named the 2015 Women Leader in Medicine for her work on medical student and physician suicide prevention.  Contact Dr. Wible for a free initial consultation on how you can be a happy doctor.