In my work I often talk to physicians who have begun their job search process, and have interviewed with multiple potential employers. One thing I love to hear from these doctors is that they’re being sure to follow through with the employers once an interview is complete. Having an interview not only  gives you the opportunity to make your best first impression with a potential employer, but it also allows you the opportunity to stay at the front of the employer’s mind once the interview is over.  Never miss an opportunity to follow up!

When I work with clients in their job search process, I advise them that an immediate follow-up after an interview is crucial. When you’re job searching, and your goal is to obtain as many quality job offers as possible, you cannot afford to let someone forget about you. After you interview with a potential employer, you should send a thank you note to everyone you talked with, preferably within a week following the interview. Thank you notes can take many different forms, and to an extent, the specifics of it will be shaped based on your own personality, but certain aspects, I believe, are non-negotiable:

  1. As you would expect, always open with a sentence thanking the individual for taking the time to interview you. This will let the employer know you do not suffer from any entitlement issues, and instead, that you realize their time is as valuable as yours.
  2. Try to include a sentence that relates specifically to the conversation you had with the individual- if possible, it is nice to offer a compliment about something you learned of the individual or their practice that you found to be impressive.
  3. Finally, you must close with an action request. Do not simply end your note with “thanks again for meeting with me.” Be sure to convey the message that you’re looking forward to hearing from them soon, and if you genuinely mean it, don’t be afraid to come right out and say that you would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them.

While thank you notes seem basic, and perhaps very elementary, their value cannot be overstated. Especially when sent in the form of a handwritten note, employers are impressed you took the time and energy to send the note, and chances are, the note will sit on their desk for a few days- bringing you to the front of their mind time and time again.



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