Only a dolt would fail to present an accurate, compelling Physician CV when applying for a prolific role in our honorable industry.

While it is evident that the youth of this generation lack the simple common sense to achieve an upstanding impression among the medical fraternity, I feel that it is only correct that I should attempt to outline the correct way of presenting one’s Curriculum Vitae.

A strong Physician CV sorts out the competent medical practitioner from the bumbling deviant or freak.

If my readers could pause in their pastime of imbibing alcohol more suited to the cleaning of sutures for one moment, perhaps we may stand a chance of enhancing the level of professionalism which is so sadly lacking in today’s medical community.

Physician CV Guidelines

Adhere to these guidelines, and your chances of veiling your incompetence as a medic will be greatly enhanced…

  • Account for all gaps in your career – any dates which are not covered will lead to your assessor imagining the worst
  • Include all of your contact information to ensure that if you are invited for interview, the assessor knows how to get hold of you
  • State your objectives clearly – what types of opportunities are you seeking?
  • State your training and experience with dates, location and information, for your fellowship, residency, and academic details
  • Outline your current occupation and your reasons for wanting to make a change – make this positive (“I am seeking new challenges”) as opposed to negative (“I hate my job”)
  • List why you changed jobs each time you show a transition
  • Specify your skills, areas of specialism, and the location and date that these were accrued
  • List the states in which you have achieved licenses, whether inactive or active
  • Show any honors, accreditations or accolades you have received
  • List your hobbies and interests wisely. Drinking, gambling or kleptomania won’t be as appealing as sports, literature and music
  • List up to five names for references – preferably people who will support your application – and detail their contact information each time
  • Proof your document carefully – a physician who enables errors to creep in to their CV may also be susceptible to leaving the odd swab in a patient
  • Order your document clearly and chronologically to tell a seamless narrative of your experience and skills
  • Contact potential referees before including them in your Physician CV, to make sure they will be happy for employers to take up references with them
  • Remember the objective of the document at all times – keep all content relevant
  • Use a professional font, and a clear layout to make the document easy to read and appealing aesthetically

Enhance your Physician CV and…

By following these simple guidelines, you will greatly enhance your employment opportunities.

Your Physician CV constitutes the first impression which a potential employer has of you – to this end, ensure it is a document worthy of their time, interest and appraisal. What happens at the interview stage is beyond my control – there’s only so much one can achieve when attempting to support this generation’s incompetent pseudo-professional medical fraternity.

What guidelines would you add to sort out the worthy medical practitioner from the bumbling incompetent, when crafting the ideal Physician CV?