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Discovery Resource # ST-06

There are few moments more frightening than coming face-to-face with a Grizzly.

While a prospective employer is not a life-threatening adversary like a Grizzly, for unprepared residents, the first interview can be just as frightening.

How will you prepare for interviews? What questions will YOU ask? What questions will THEY ask? What do you wear? How will you follow up?

In this chapter, you will research job openings and organizations that may be a potential match with your priorities. Then you’ll prepare for interviews by identifying appropriate questions and preparing your responses to common interview questions. By the end, you’ll be ready to face interviews with confidence rather than fright.
While there are always new challenges in any adventure, with good preparation you’ll put your best foot forward and identify a good opportunity quickly!

Get your shoes shined. We’re going out

Discovery Resource # ST-18

This Survival Tool addresses in detail the special many issues and concerns faced by international medical graduates (“IMGs”) who are completing residency training in the United States and wish to remain in the country to practice medicine. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-08

After many years of training to become a physician, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as you finish residency or fellowship. You are probably receiving endless emails advertising positions with amazing starting salaries, signing bonuses, and loan repayment that seem almost too good to be true. You may have received numerous calls on a weekly basis from recruiters who want to help you find your dream job, and the prospect of potentially quadrupling your income has certainly caught your attention.

You are likely excited about maximizing your income, but don’t get caught up in all the excitement with blinders on. You must enter the world of negotiation with your eyes wide open to successfully navigate a field filled with potential landmines as you begin to negotiate your first opportunity out of residency.

Negotiation is a thoughtful discussion between two parties with reasonable expectations, with the goal of achieving a successful outcome for both parties. Negotiation is an art form – press too hard by demanding something that’s unreasonable and you may lose the job. Take the first offer and you may leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

Discovery Resource # ST-17

Negotiating is an art. Push too hard—or unrealistically—and you might lose the opportunity. Don’t push hard enough, and you might leave thousands of dollars on the table. This Survival Tool will walk you through the negotiation process step by step. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-15

When you began your clinical training, you were schooled in the art of writing a SOAP note. Not only was that form of communication a time-honored tradition, it was a standard mechanism to communicate vital patient information from one physician to another.

Each component of a SOAP note relays specific information in a specific order; however, the verbiage used to craft each note was as unique as each physician writing that note. There may be multiple consultants evaluating the same patient, but the words and tone used to describe the patient’s condition varied with
the physician. A curriculum vitae is very much the same as a SOAP note. There are rules to learn, formats to follow, and information to be reported. Just like a SOAP note, there are tips and tools that can make your message stand out.

You're about to discover how to format and customize your CV in a way that will catch the attention of an employer so they will want to pick up the phone and schedule an interview on the spot. This chapter will give you specific instructions on how to format your CV and customize it to stand out above the crowd, show the physician recruiter that you clearly have what it takes to make an impact on their organization, and get you a ticket to the interview show!