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Job Selection

Discovery Resource # ST-07
Resource Topic: Job Selection
Planning Tools: Survival Tool
Career Phase: Evaluate & Decide
Description: Decision time. Right fit…Best fit.
There are few situations which will require you to understand your wants and needs along with the employement market, market and practice trends and compensation more then the moment you sit down to determine which offer is the right and best fit for you.
  • Assess and leverage their standing, skillset, needs and interests to assess which offer is the right and best fit for them.
  • Objectively and subjectively assess various activities and resources to quantify the basis of each offer.
  • Utilize this and other tools to analyze various components and elements of the compensation package, work environment, culture, leadership, etc. to determine which opportunities best align with their own vision, mission and priorities.
Mr. Dawes is president and chief executive officer at Bothwell Regional Health Center in Missouri. A healthcare executive for more than 30 years, he has held leadership roles in health systems in four states. He serves on the Board of the Missouri Hospital Association and the Missouri Regents Advisory Council of the American College of Healthcare Executives. He holds a master’s in health administration from the Washington University School of Medicine.
Todd Skertich is a 19-year veteran and leading authority in the healthcare consulting and physician recruiting industries. Todd is the founder of Adventures in Medicine (AIM), an innovative media company whose online platform is dedicated to delivering the highest quality career and life planning content and resources for residents and physicians to:

 Achieve and maintain their desired work-life balance
 Pursue their life’s purpose
 Leave a legacy that lives on through their patients, friends,
and family