Discovery Resource # E-33

Understanding how medical market conditions may translate into challenges for physicians, patients, and administration will may translate into mitigating negative impacts. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-02

As any good anthropologist will tell you, understanding the people, landscape, language, and culture you’ll encounter on this adventure is a prerequisite for success.

You’ll want to know the location of dangers and pitfalls. The peaks and valleys. The smooth, safe path and the treacherous, rough rock. In this stage, you’ll learn how hospitals and medical groups are changing, about the roles and responsibilities of those you’ll be working with, and the pressures and economics that drive hiring decisions.

You’ll learn how to enter the changing world of healthcare and map your path to success.

So let’s dig in.

P.S. By the way, they’ve had some rough luck recently, with a major earthquake impacting the landscape of healthcare. Be alert. It’s a jungle out there.

Discovery Resource # GB-01

A results-oriented guidebook filled with practical information and expert advice to help you find, secure and thrive as a new physician. A one-of-a-kind resource with content never before presented in a single guide. Read More...