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Market Trend and Trials

Discovery Resource # ST-02
Resource Topic: Market Trends
Planning Tools: Survival Tool
Career Phase: Learn
Description: The latest healthcare trends and how they affect you
Information and the ability to leverage it is the cornerstone to making informed career decisions. The convergence of information as it relates to patients, hospital practices and structures will help you align your career interests with market trends and help position you for success regardless of those trends.
  • The participant will learn how physician compensation is impacted by market and patient care trends as well as hospital/practice structure.
  • Utilize their understanding to assess how trends in market and patient care will impact career decisions.
  • Leverage their understanding of the information to identify weakness as areas for improvement to address in their short-term career planning strategies.
  • Leverage their understanding to position themselves in leadership and decision-making or influences roles.
Mr. Rice is vice chairman of The Governance Institute, the leading independent source of governance information and education for healthcare organizations across the United States. He is also a practice leader on compensation for hospital systems and medical groups for Integrated Healthcare Strategies and active in strategic capital planning with U.S. hospital systems through LarsonAllen. He holds a doctorate in management and health policy from the University of Minnesota.
Ms. Peisert is managing editor at The Governance Institute, where she is responsible for all publications, which number more than 150, as well as DVD/video programs, webinars and e-learning courses. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Los Angeles and a master’s degree in music from Boston University. The Governance Institute is the leading independent source of governance information and education for healthcare organizations.