Physician Burnout: Find Your Balance  When entering a stressful and demanding career it’s important for individuals to maintain their mental and physical health as they strive for a balance between their professional and personal life. There were times when I felt so defeated and worn-out by my job that I doubted my abilities as a physician. […]

The best part of my job is interviewing residents and watching as gears begin to turn in their minds when I ask:  What made you decide that you wanted to be a doctor?  What is your purpose in life?  What legacy are you creating?  Which position in your field will truly FULFILL you?  What type […]

Why does having a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as a modern doctor seem like such a struggle at times? There is an invisible battle going on, day-by-day between our search for a Fulfilling Career in Medicine and the hidden forces of Professional Burnout. What is Burnout? We each know what it feels like to […]

In my work I often talk to physicians who have begun their job search process, and have interviewed with multiple potential employers. One thing I love to hear from these doctors is that they’re being sure to follow through with the employers once an interview is complete. Having an interview not only  gives you the […]

I just returned from a thought-provoking conference at Dartmouth. Entitled Preventing Overdiagnosis: Winding Back the Harms of Too Much Care, and co-sponsored by Dartmouth University, British Medical Journal, Consumer Reports, and Australia’s Bond University, the conference raised many points that are rarely discussed. Here are some of my favorite quotes: “Risk factors have been turned […]

Steve is a 52-year old father of four. Soon after losing his job as a carpenter, he begins to have sharp stomach pains. His primary doctor examines him for a few minutes and then sends him to specialists: a GI doctor, who performs an endoscopy, and a cardiologist, who performs a cardiac catheterization. Both tests […]

When I am hired to do a physician employment contract review, I regularly uncover a multitude of different contract provisions that can be made more favorable to my clients. In some instances the employment contract is relatively balanced with regard to many contract terms, but in other ways the contract is completely lacking in crucial […]

On Monday, I had the privilege of serving as the keynote speaker for an excellent conference in Boston.Empowering Healthcare Consumers: a Community Conversation brought together an impressive array of people to discuss how to improve healthcare through empowerment. In attendance were over 150 community leaders, clinicians, hospital administrators, insurers, advocacy group leaders, and patients. essay writing Patients—or I […]

Everyone knows that life in the E.R. is fast-faced, extremely busy, and ever-challenging. When things get crazy, it becomes habit for busy physicians to see patients as “the chest pain in room 6” or “the broken wrist in the hallway.” We turn people with their amazing lives and fascinating stories into a nameless number and a “chief […]

When a physician employment contract is offered, often the first thing physicians look for is the compensation section to see how this offer stacks up against others.  What physicians sometimes find, is that rather than a simple 3-sentence paragraph outlining the annual compensation, and the payroll policy, there is a reference to an exhibit at […]