The Medical Relationship

Discovery Resource # ST-30
Resource Topic: Lifestyle
Planning Tools: Survival Tool
Career Phase: Discover
Description: Collaborating with your partner in career and life
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It’s not just about your career, it’s about living your life! How will you spend your free time when you’re not at work? How will you create a fulfilling and enjoyable life for yourself and your family? You will learn some effective strategies for partnering together with your spouse to build a career and a life you both love..
  • Evaluate and better understand your relationship in the context of a rigorous training experience.
  • Effectively communicate your needs to each other while balancing a hectic schedule.
  • Make decisions together for a win-win situation.
  • Start designing your new life post-training!
Author: Amy Rakowczyk
Amy Rakowczyk
is a mother, writer, medical, and prior military spouse who holds a master’s degree in vocal performance. She is a staff writer for Student Doctor Network, authoring the monthly column, "The Medical Spouse Survival Guide." Her joy is helping others navigate the world of medicine from the spouse perspective, and she aims to help couples find contentment in their lives together no matter the stage of their medical journey.

Throughout her husband’s demanding careers, in the military and in medicine, she has learned the importance of community support, mutual respect, and upholding one’s own voice in the process. Ms. Rakowczyk lives in Texas with her husband, a family physician, and their two daughters.