Loan Repayment Guide

Discovery Resource # ST-26
Resource Topic: Loan Repayment
Planning Tools: Survival Tool
Career Phase: Discover Evaluate & Decide Learn Plan
Description: It's time to pay the fiddler!
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Learning to manage your financial position will likely include consideration of repayment negotiations, plans or programs. Get your financial feet on the ground by understanding the basics of repayment options that are available.
  • The user will learn important terms and definitions commonly used in repayment plans and programs and identify strategies, programs and services that are available for their consideration to address their repayment needs.
Author: Todd
Todd Skertich is a 19-year veteran and leading authority in the healthcare consulting and physician recruiting industries. Todd is the founder of Adventures in Medicine (AIM), an innovative media company whose online platform is dedicated to delivering the highest quality career and life planning content and resources for residents and physicians to:

-Achieve and maintain their desired work-life balance
-Pursue their life’s purpose
-Leave a legacy that lives on through their patients, friends, and family

Todd's unique approach is abundantly clear in his pioneering of the AIM properties, which brings together program directors, residents/fellows, practicing physicians and healthcare professionals, along with subject matter experts, to provide education and tools for residents that allows them to align their values with their future employers.
Dr. Knabe is a financial advisor at Savant Capital Management, Inc., and a clinical assistant professor at the University of Illinois Department of Family Medicine. Having practiced family medicine for 14 years, he draws upon his medical and teaching experience while developing comprehensive planning, investment, and tax strategies for professionals. He earned his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine.