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Career and Life Planning Workbook for Medical Residents

Discovery Resource # WB-01
Resource Topic: Job Transition
Planning Tools: Workbook
Career Phase: Discover Evaluate & Decide Learn Plan Practicing/Living Search & Interview Transition
Description: Personal and professional guidance for transitioning to a new location and job
A comprehensive, step-by-step instruction manual for helping residents answer the question, "How can I turn the dream that I have for my life and career into reality?"
  • Create a personalized timeline to keep you focused and on track.
  • Learn how to perform your search, get noticed by employers, and negotiate a contract.
  • Plan a successful relocation and secure your financial future.
Todd Skertich is a 19-year veteran and leading authority in the healthcare consulting and physician recruiting industries. Todd is the founder of Adventures in Medicine (AIM), an innovative media company whose online platform is dedicated to delivering the highest quality career and life planning content and resources for residents and physicians to:

 Achieve and maintain their desired work-life balance
 Pursue their life’s purpose
 Leave a legacy that lives on through their patients, friends,
and family