Discovery Resource # ST-29

The recognition of burnout and its potential to wreak havoc on medical students, residents and physicians has created a unique moment in the realm of medical education and the medical community itself. We now find ourselves tasked with the challenge of how to heal ourselves. Creating an effective physician wellness program not only involves knowing what resources to provide to those in need, it is also imperative to be able to identify what it means to be well.
This tool will give guidance and information on how to develop physician wellness programming as a measure of “preventative care” to delay the onset of this disease; it will also review how and when to use “treatment strategies” for those physicians already showing symptoms of burnout. This chapter provides resources for medical students, residents, and physicians to define what it means to be well for them, assess their level of stress, identify resources for stress reduction and self-resiliency, and develop their own personal “toolkit” to carry through their medical career.