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Discovery Resource # ST-29

The recognition of burnout and its potential to wreak havoc on medical students, residents and physicians has created a unique moment in the realm of medical education and the medical community itself. We now find ourselves tasked with the challenge of how to heal ourselves. Creating an effective physician wellness program not only involves knowing what resources to provide to those in need, it is also imperative to be able to identify what it means to be well.
This tool will give guidance and information on how to develop physician wellness programming as a measure of “preventative care” to delay the onset of this disease; it will also review how and when to use “treatment strategies” for those physicians already showing symptoms of burnout. This chapter provides resources for medical students, residents, and physicians to define what it means to be well for them, assess their level of stress, identify resources for stress reduction and self-resiliency, and develop their own personal “toolkit” to carry through their medical career.

Discovery Resource # ST-28

Burnout is surprisingly prevalent among physicians in training, far exceeding the estimates of program directors. In a 2014 survey of 504 medical residents at University of North Carolina, 70% met criteria for burnout based on the Maslach Burnout Inventory, a common tool used to assess burnout.

Over half of all physicians suffer from burnout, which is characterized by depersonalization, loss of enthusiasm for the profession, and cynicism. This devastating emotional disease adversely impacts physicians’ personal and professional lives, with potentially catastrophic consequences for the patients in their care.

Fortunately, there is hope for breaking this cycle. Shawn Jones, MD, practicing physician and author of “Finding Heart in Art – A Surgeon’s Renaissance Approach to Healing Modern Medical Burnout” and Sharee Saleh, Director of Physician Recruitment at Tower Health have teamed up to teach you how to prevent burnout while bringing joy back to medicine.

Discovery Resource # ST-23

Your financial obligations are likely to be extensive and learning how to navigate your way through personal financial life early is critical to your future. Learn about the issues and obstacles that often prevent physicians from achieving financial independence and develop a plan that will help you pay down your debt and achieve financial success. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-09

For most physicians, whether you’ll ever be wealthy depends on how you spend your first paycheck post training. The secret to building wealth as a physician is to grow into your attending income as slowly as possible, especially in that first year out of training.

This chapter will help equip you with the mindset needed to make good financial decisions for your first 12 paychecks to help you pay down your student loans, save up for a down payment on your dream home and build a substantial retirement nest egg within just a few years of residency graduation.

Discovery Resource # ST-11

Physicians typically practice in one of five business models. Each models has its strengths and weaknesses and each can impact compensation, opportunities for growth; and personal or professional development opportunities. Read More...