Career and Life Planning Guidebook for Medical Residents

7 WWW.PHYSICIANCAREERPLANNING.COM I N S T R U C T I O N S F O R R E S I D E N T S / F E L L O W S Applying what you’ve learned in this book will help you make good work life decisions. If you want to go fast, work through the Guidebook and Tracker on your own, however, if you want to go far, build a team of advisors who can help guide you each step of the way. Remember, who you turn to for guidance may vary according to the destination you are seeking. Choose wisely. Learning 19 Chapters of content, completing dozens of interactive resources and making several significant life decisions while preparing for your Board exam and working 1,100+ clinical hours your last year as a resident is a tall task. So, we grouped the content to be digesting over your last three years of training, including: I. T minus Three Years II. T minus Two Years III. T minus One Year The “T” represents time from starting your new position. We understand each resident will work at a different pace and some chapters may be more applicable to you than others. You are welcome to leverage the content at your own pace regardless where you are at in the process.