Career and Life Planning Guidebook for Medical Residents

I N T R O D U C T I O N T O T H E G U I D E B O O K The Career and Life Planning Guidebook for Medical Residents will help guide you through the challenges you will find as you begin your career or look to advance your career in new and exciting ways. We’ve drawn on the experience and expertise of thousands of Residency Program Directors, CEO’s, physicians, physician recruiters, researchers, writers and designers to give you the information and resources you need to maximize your opportunities and potential. In this program, you will: Identify Benchmarks and Create Timelines Prepare for an Interview Negotiate Your Compensation Package Understand the Business of Medicine Budget and Plan your Financial Future We invite you to make the most of this comprehensive resource by reading and completing all exercises and activities. We’ve included the tools and information you need to give yourself the competitive edge and launch yourself to a fulfilling and rewarding career in medicine. Write CV and Cover Letter Distinguish Yourself from other Candidates Ensure Personal, Professional and Life-Style Values Partnering with your Significant Other Obtaining and Evaluating Employment Offers CAREER AND LIFE PLANNING GUIDEBOOK FOR MEDICAL RESIDENTS 6 INTRODUCTION