Career and Life Planning Guidebook for Medical Residents

CAREER AND LIFE PLANNING GUIDEBOOK FOR MEDICAL RESIDENTS 5 THE CAREER AND LIFE PLANNING PROGRAM FOR MEDICAL RESIDENTS MaximizeyourexperienceandsuccessbyutilizingourCareerandLifePlanningProgram’s threekeycomponents: 1. GUIDEBOOK 2. TRACKER 3. RESOURCE LIBRARY Together they formulate the most comprehensive career and life planning program for medical residents available preparing you in your transition from residency to a life and career in medicine. THE GUIDEBOOK The Guidebook is the backbone or “textbook” of the program. The Guidebook offers in- depth, detailed content of 19-chapter topics. Users can work at their own pace, or follow the recommended curriculum offered over your last three years of training. THE GUIDEBOOK will include: Field Notes – Physicians and Subject Matter Experts who have traveled before you are providing their insight to make the road less traveled seem less daunting. Just like having an attending speak to you from their personal experience cements a concept in your mind, these field notes will give you insight on how to traverse even the most daunting crossroads.  Recommended Resources – Throughout the Guidebook, we will have Recommended Tools where user can click and apply lessons learned. These tools are often associatedwith checklists, assessments, exercises, etc..  Reflection/Activity Sections – The purpose of the Reflection/Activity sections is to break up the content and for the user to reflect or a short exercise to help user understand the content before moving on to the next section.  Chapter Engagement Action Plan – At the end of each chapter, look for the recommended link to direct you to THE CAREER AND LIFE PLANNING TRACKER , a separate publication where you can follow the recommended action plan to track your progress and apply chapter lessons learned. THE GUIDEBOOK is available via eBook and Kindle. 1 INTRODUCTION