Career and Life Planning Guidebook for Medical Residents

412 WWW.PHYSICIANCAREERPLANNING.COM CONCLUSION IT’S AN AWESOME SIGHT. There’s nothing quite like standing at the top of the peak, looking back at the footsteps of the assent that led you to reach this goal. YOU ARE TO BE COMMENDED. You have walked through this guide, penciled in the margins, highlighted the quotes and key facts, and filled out the blanks. Thumb through the book and look at your accomplishment. You’ve mapped your path, completed your search, negotiated your contract, and taken important first steps into the transition! Congratulations! WHAT’S NEXT? As you begin the next phase of the adventure, there are three things to keep in mind. 1. Medicine is a journey, not a destination. The fallacy is the belief that there is some “end point”, some point in the future at which you will be done, complete, successful and you can relax, have a lot of money, do what you want to do. Listen carefully: Not true! And as you continue to walk into the adventure, there will be constantly emerging opportunities, surprises, obstacles and victories. And with these opportunities and challenges come the freedom to choose, adjust, decide and act. You may not know your final destination as things, people, hospitals, medicine and, well, life changes. It is an Adventure, be flexible! 2. Enjoy the moment. If you’re obsessing on the future, you’ll miss the enjoyment of the present. Your flexibility and transparency during your Adventure in Medicine will bring opportunity, excitement, friendship and success. Stay alert and aware of the dynamics around you. Laugh, pause, poke and ponder with the people, friends and family around you. These are rich treasures. 3. Seek counsel. We began this book recommending that you put together an “advisory team”. This is a group of experts, wise counselors, mentors who will listen to your questions, provide feedback, and help you map out your decisions wisely. There is much you do not know and don’t have the time to learn. Find experts you trust, and listen to their counsel Meet regularly, treat them with respect, and be generous in thanking them. They’ll keep you safe and headache free (mostly) for years to come. We hope you’ve been challenged to think differently about your career in medicine. The few minutes you’ve spent in this book will serve you well as you take your next step in The Adventure. Good Luck! Your Success Network