Career and Life Planning Guidebook for Medical Residents

SECTION I: T MINUS THREE YEARS C H A P T E R A U T H O R The Governance Institute provides trusted, independent informa- tion, resources, tools, and solutions to board members, healthcare executives, and physician leaders in support of their efforts to lead and govern their organizations. The Governance Institute, a service of NRCHealth, is amembershiporganization serving not-for-profit hospital and health system boards of directors, executives, and physician leadership. Membership services are provided through research and publications, online learning, con- ferences, and advisory services. Kathryn C. Peisert, managing editor of The Governance Institute (TGI) As managing editor, Kathryn oversees TGI’s resource library, develops the education agenda and programs forTGI conferences, webinars, and E-learning, and researches recommended board practices and key governance issues for U.S. healthcare organizations. She has authored articles in Health Affairs, Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law, Prescriptions for Excellence in Health Care, and Healthcare Executive, as well as numerous publications for TGI. Most recently she authored the chapter “Governance for Quality” in the 4th edition of The Health Care Quality Book: Vision, Strategy, and Tools (April 2019; ed. Nash, Joshi, Ransom and Ransom). She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from UCLA and a master’s degree from Boston University. CAREER AND LIFE PLANNING GUIDEBOOK FOR MEDICAL RESIDENTS 90