Career and Life Planning Guidebook for Medical Residents

Dave Denniston, CFA Chartered Financial Analyst Mr. Denniston is an author and authority on financial issues specific to physicians and serves as an advocate to help them make good financial decisions. He is the author of 5 Steps to Get out of Debt for Physicians, The Insurance Guide for Doctors, The Tax Reduction Prescription Workbook, The Freedom Formula for Physicians, and his latest book The Young Physician's Guide to Money & Life. He also hosts a podcast for physicians and the financial issues they face at . In working with physicians for over ten years, he has seen most every financial situation imaginable. His drive and passion is to see every physician’s financial situation improve by eliminating debt and reducing their tremendous tax burden. His desire to help doctors came from the birth of his youngest child, Evangeline. As his family’s “little miracle”, she was born four months early, weighing only 12.5 ounces. In gratitude for the care provided by his daughter’s physician, he dedicated his mission to helping physicians with their financial health. SECTION III: T MINUS ONE YEAR C H A P T E R A U T H O R S Cynthia Forsyth Aspire Resources Inc. Managing Director Healthcare Division Cynthia Forsyth has 20 years’ experience collaborating with private and public sector executives for strategic business development. She was a Sr. healthcare advisor that provided multi-site hospital business planning, implementation, and post-implementation consulting services. She successfully acquired and developed physician network groups across the Midwest while building system-wide physician contract processes that streamlined the complexities of physician alignment. Her biggest accomplishment was utilizing telemedicine outreach initiatives that leveraged shifts in healthcare, technology, and regulation. Currently, she is working with our nation’s leading healthcare organizations providing innovative college finance benefit solutions for built-in recruitment and retention platforms that revitalize one’s workforce alignment objectives. Cynthia also enjoys training students to help them stay on top of their finances and career transition decisions. Cynthia uses this Adventures in Medicine Career Guidebook to train and engage medical and residency students across the US. CAREER AND LIFE PLANNING GUIDEBOOK FOR MEDICAL RESIDENTS 366