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Discovery Resource # S-03

The importance of cover letters are too often overlooked. A well-written cover letter "paints a picture" of your candidacy by tying together the employers needs, your qualifications and CV in a concise compelling manner. It can be your distinguishing factor. Read More...

Discovery Resource # S-02

CVs that are thought out and well organized are effective at highlighting the candidate's strengths and qualifications. Use this and other samples to develop your custom CV. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-14

Without a doubt, a cover letter is one of the best opportunities you have to make a meaningful impression and separate yourself from a competitive candidate pool, especially when sharing YOUR UNIQUE STORY.

Learn how to customize a powerful cover letter taking the prospective employer on a guided journey of some of your most notable career and life achievements. Note: We will be referring to this as both a cover letter and cover email throughout the chapter.

Discovery Resource # GB-01

A results-oriented guidebook filled with practical information and expert advice to help you find, secure and thrive as a new physician. A one-of-a-kind resource with content never before presented in a single guide. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-15

When you began your clinical training, you were schooled in the art of writing a SOAP note. Not only was that form of communication a time-honored tradition, it was a standard mechanism to communicate vital patient information from one physician to another.

Each component of a SOAP note relays specific information in a specific order; however, the verbiage used to craft each note was as unique as each physician writing that note. There may be multiple consultants evaluating the same patient, but the words and tone used to describe the patient’s condition varied with
the physician. A curriculum vitae is very much the same as a SOAP note. There are rules to learn, formats to follow, and information to be reported. Just like a SOAP note, there are tips and tools that can make your message stand out.

You're about to discover how to format and customize your CV in a way that will catch the attention of an employer so they will want to pick up the phone and schedule an interview on the spot. This chapter will give you specific instructions on how to format your CV and customize it to stand out above the crowd, show the physician recruiter that you clearly have what it takes to make an impact on their organization, and get you a ticket to the interview show!